Staying Motivated in a Negative World

Staying motivated is critical for living a healthy life and achieving goals. However, negativity is everywhere these days, yet we can still filter it out and live a healthy and sane life if we truly desire it. According to Einstein, and paraphrasing his view, there are two extremes of thought; you can live your life as though nothing is a miracle and live your life as if everything is a miracle. You are the person who will choose which route you take.
Changing your belief about the world around you is the key element which will motivate you and aid you in functioning well during times of hardship and gloom. So how do you do that?
You will make a positive difference not only in your own life, but also in the lives of all of those who cross your path.

Here are some steps to follow that will assist you in reaching your goal:
Gratitude is Paramount – Be grateful for what you have; your health, your family, your friends, your job and so on.
Service – I believe that serving humanity is the greatest form of worship. I believe in God but I think that this applies to any belief of a higher power or higher self. Focusing on providing value to others can be very gratifying. You get what you give.
Stay Positive – This is probably the most challenging trait to reach. Overcoming all the negative things that are going on around you is extremely difficult, but it can be done. Compliment your spouse and give your child a big hug. Positive re-enforcement is an agent of change and thinking of good thoughts and verbalizing them in and of itself will create “positivity” under any circumstance.
Reading – Those who read, feed their brain, will be on top of innovations and will be more likely to survive challenges as they are exposing themselves to new fulfilling discoveries. Thoughts become things, so if you read the right kind of content, you will have a constant stream of valuable information going into your head. What goes in, will come out.
Limit Your TV, Radio and Internet Time and News Intake – Of course it’s necessary to stay on top of all that is going on around us, however, it’s best to control the amount of negative information that is being presented by selecting a time limit on when to stop listening to the news and continuous reporting.
Limit Interaction with Negative People – Try to stay away from family and people who are pessimistic or have disparaging comments. Some of these people are loved ones. Don’t stop loving them but maybe limit your interaction with them, love them from a distance.
Music and Meditation/Creativity – Whether in your car or at home, listening to blissful music uplifts the spirit. Meditation and yoga bring about positive thoughts and feelings, and when done on a daily basis can be very useful in creating balance in your life.
Be Conscious of Your Surroundings – At all times it is good to be aware of your immediate area of work and travel, but do not obsess. Be cautious and alert at all times without being too forceful on yourself.
Take a Moment to Disconnect – We all want to stay connected to our devices and it’s almost like a disease. During the day it’s a good idea to put your computer, tablet and phone out of reach for at least an hour or so. Remember how it was before the high- tech era of smart-phones and fancy gadgets? Make an effort to invest some time on refocusing on your spiritual self and trying to know yourself better.

Staying motivated in a negative world is not easy and you will need to pay close attention to your day-to-day activities and habits in order to stay positive. Try to set meetings where you can discuss and brainstorm with friends and colleagues on topics or subjects that interest you like sports, food and arts. Go for a creative walk in the park, to an international movie, a play or the theatre once in a while, and take the whole family along. Real human interaction is vital to improving your state of being.