Financial Literacy

Would you agree that financial literacy is lacking in society?


We teach people how money works.

We are also growing and looking leaders looking to make an impact.

Client Services

We create a step-by-step plan to help people get out debt, plan for retirement, tax-free income strategies,
protect their assets
, and overall achieve PEACE OF MIND.

Our mission is to empower the world through education for people to live financially free.

Our Complimentary 6 Step Financial Compass

1. Establish Proper Protection

  • Protect against Unexpected Loss
  • Protection with Living Benefits

2. Increasing Cash Flow

  • Examining Trends and Building Good Habits
  • Showing People how to put their Family First

3. Establishing Strong Credit

  • Debt Elimination Strategy
  • Credit Restoration Program

4. Create Emergency Fund

  • Reserve for the Unexpected Occurrences
  • Save at least 3-6 Months of Income

5. College Savings Plan

  • Make College more Accessible
  • Creative Saving Strategies
Asset Growth & Preservation

6. Asset Growth & Preservation

  • Increase Long-Term Wealth and Minimize Taxation
  • Protection of Gains
  • Lifetime Income
  • Preserve your Estate

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Career Opportunities

We are currently building a Team of Motivated and Hungry Professionals. People that are tired of just getting by, people that want to be happy in their lives making a difference for other people. People that are not afraid of “Hard Work” and don’t buy into the entitlement mentality.

We have found in our experience that the best business associates that possess these traits and mindset are people who are PASSIONATE ABOUT SERVING OTHERS. We are looking for people that are ready to sacrifice the person they are now for the person they can become. Most people play the game of life not to lose instead of PLAYING TO WIN!

If this sounds like you, please inquire below, make the phone call, and change your life for the better. The income potential is unlimited, and it doesn’t take a genius to learn this. The experience itself is priceless.


The 5 Needs that make for a Perfect Time to build a Career in Financial Services

1. Tremendous Market Need

  • 98% of People in the U.S. Earn less than $250k/year
    • They keep their Money in consumer banks, not earning a return
  • 2% of People Earn $250k or More
    • These People Invest their Money Earning a Positive Return to Better Plan for their Future
  • Learn how to Secure Your Future

2. Timing

  • The Great Wealth Transfer (Babyboomers)
    • $41 tr. is being Transferred
  • Millennials must save $2 mil. or more for a Secure Retirement
  • We Help People Gain Peace of Mind through a 20-30 Year Customized Plan

3. Business System

  • We are Growing Nation-Wide
  • We are a Marketing Company Educating Middle Class America
  • We Revolutionize the Distribution of Financial Services
  • We Leverage Each Other, Working as a Team

4. Compensation Model

  • You can Start Part Time
  • Build Towards being a Full Time Agent
  • You can also Become a Broker, Building Your Own Agency

5. Core Values

  • Service
    • Servant leadership
    • Service to clients
  • Leadership
    • We develop leaders

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Empowerment via Financial Literacy!