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GordonChavez is all about Family and Community!

I grew up in Oceanside, CA and this is where my wife Ana and I are raising our 4 boys. Our family is everything to us. Coming from humble roots, I am passionate about sharing financial education so that others can take control of their lives, and potentially create a generational interruption for their family.
It doesn’t matter what your race, ethnicity, nationality, class, caste, religion, belief, sex, gender, language, sexual orientation, gender identity, sex characteristics, age, health or other status is.
We believe that financial education should be available to  everyone.

All are welcome!

Our Services

A more personalized approach to financial planning

Principal Protection

Learn strategies where the growth of your money can mirror the growth of a particular index in the stock market (ex. S&P 500) without losing a cent due to market volatility.

Life Insurance

We customize policies to fit the needs of our clients weather they are looking for living benefits that offer tax-free liquidity or a tax-free death benefit that goes to their loved ones.

Tax Advantage Strategies

Learn ways to minimize or eliminate the taxation of your earnings when it's time to access your money.

Business Owner Strategies

We can help protect you and your business from unexpected loss, save on taxes, plan for retirement for yourself and your employees, and attract and retain quality talent.

Let’s break it down

Innergy's Complimentary Six-Step Financial Strategy

We listen to your story to develop growth opportunities and provide personalized solutions that work best for you. Through invaluable education, understanding and guidance, you’ll be able to gain more control of your money.


Education First

We will share with you, education on the services that we offer before we ask for your business. We never do business on the first interaction. We want to earn your business.


We listen to learn what you goals are

It’s about you, not us. We want to learn about where you are with your financial goals and where you want to be, to help you get there.


We go to work for you, I represent you

We have no ties to any insurance company or financial institution, we are an independent agency. It is our job to find the company that best fits your goals and needs.


Your Custom Strategy

We share with you, your step-by-step customized strategy that will get you to your goals.


The Application Process

We go through the entire application process with you to make sure you have all the requirements needed to complete that process.


We're not going anywhere

It is our goal to build a long term relationship with you to make that your custom plan is still a good fit or make a adjustments as your family evolves.

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