Financial literacy and leadership are greatly lacking in our society. Here you will find articles targeted at consumers and entrepreneurs alike. The articles will discuss financial literacy, leadership and entrepreneurship.

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Staying Motivated in a Negative World

Staying Motivated in a Negative World Staying motivated is critical for living a healthy life and achieving goals. However, negativity is everywhere these days, yet we can still filter it out and live a healthy and sane life if we truly desire it. According to...

Why Veterans Make Great Entrepreneurs

Experience and veteran knowledge is vital in any type of business these days for entrepreneurs. No wonder there are so many entrepreneur veterans who own their own companies. Veterans have defended freedom and demonstrated that they are risk takers with confidence and...

The Pros and Cons of Thrift Savings Plans

So what are Thrift Savings Plans or TSP’s? Thrift Savings Plans are savings plans for both current and retired federal employees that were created in 1986 by the Federal Employees Retirement System. The TSP plan is designed to give federal employees the same benefits...

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